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Getting your rate here will not affect your credit score.

Searching for Truck Finance at a Great Rate? We’ve got your back at Truck Finance Sydney!

At Truck Finance Sydney, we are here to make the process of finding finance for your truck purchase easy. We have access to over 40 lenders and can customise a deal to suit your circumstances, so you know you’re always getting the best possible outcome for your truck purchase with Truck Finance Sydney.

We’re truck finance experts who are here to source finance, insurance, warranties, and any complementary services for your truck purchase. We know that making your finance for trucks application can be complicated, which is why we’re here to make things simple.

Get a FREE truck loan eligibility assessment and compare car finance and leasing options without accessing your credit file.

All truck finance quotes are supplied to you free and without any obligation.

Low Interest Loans, No Deposit, Quick Approvals

Compare 40+ lenders to find the best car finance deal in Australia. Competitive race on finance for trucks Sydney wide.


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to secure your truck finance today. You can reach us on 1300 378 387 or contact us online to find out more about our service.

Why Truck Finance Sydney?

We live and breathe all things truck finance and are committed to making the journey of finding the appropriate finance easy.

Of course, it’s possible for you to source the finance options yourself. But with so many different lenders out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Plus, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting the best possible deal – which is where we come in!

High approval rates

When you work with us, we ensure that we get you across the line thanks to our network of lenders and our understanding of the loans process.

Fast and easy loans approval process

We streamline loans and make sure you only have to deal with the essentials.

Less paperwork to manage

Don’t drown in documents – let us take care of the paperwork and save you time.

Self-employed applicant help

We assist self-employed applicants and ensure that you can access the finance you need.

Used Truck Finance and New Truck Finance

A row of trucks ready to be financed.

We want to help you save time and money. We put you in a better bargaining position with pre-approval on your truck loan and a great interest rate so you can feel comfortable and secure entering your new purchase. Whether you are buying a used truck that you want unsecured finance for or a new truck with a secured loan and great interest rates, we can help.

We don’t want you to be stretched or over-committed to a loan, and we will work with you to establish the kind of financial commitment you can afford to make. We will go through the repayments schedule with you and ensure that your truck finance works for you both now and in the future.

  • Advice from our dedicated truck finance experts
  • Lock down a low interest rate
  • Truck loans for businesses and tailored service offerings
  • Secure your finance on your terms

Easy finance from 4.85%

Different Types of Truck Finance You Can Access

Wondering what type of truck finance you should enter? We know there are so many different financial structures to choose from – but again, this is where our clients benefit from our experience. We’ll help you navigate your finance options and ensure that your truck finance suits your circumstances.

Low-doc truck loans

In many cases, we help clients who are self-employed trucking or logistics professionals who may not have the requisite documentation that banks typically look for. When you work with us, you can avoid getting automatically excluded from being considered and approved for finance.

Chattel mortgage on your truck

Running a business? Chattel mortgages come with tax and GST benefits that make this a superb option for your new or used truck purchase. We understand if this finance structure seems complicated – but working with us makes things simple.


Get all the benefit of using your truck while the lender retains the title of the asset. Once the term of the lease is up, you will be able to buy the truck or trade it in for a newer truck. You can choose what works best for you.

Bad credit truck loans

Second chance purchase? We know that sometimes things don’t go to plan, but you still have the capacity to make repayments on a truck loan. Work with us to get to where you need to be.

Repayments To Suit You For Your New or Used Truck Purchase

Want to pay off your loan early? How about making lower payments and then a final balloon payment at the end?

Don’t over commit to a loan that’s going to hinder you. Work with the team of truck loan Sydney experts at Truck Finance Sydney and ensure that your asset loan is a benefit and not a burden.

We can assist you with a range of repayment options and finance structure choices:

  • Variable interest rates
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Balloon payment
  • Additional payments
  • Early termination fee-free

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Truck loan Sydney broker from Sydney Truck Finance

When seeking truck finance, we are your first choice. Our truck loan Sydney team have worked with countless business owners and private buyers across the city and sourced top-quality loans to suit whatever situation our clients have. We are quick, thorough, efficient, and are here to make sourcing quality truck finance easy.

Contact our truck loan Sydney team today at Truck Finance Sydney for a great deal on your new or used truck finance. When you work with us, you will enjoy a range of benefits, including rapid approval and access to a range of lenders.

Call our truck loan Sydney team now on 1300 378 387 or get in touch online to speak to one of our team.

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